Pinewood School

Shrivenham, Wiltshire, 2019
Architect: Feilden Fowles

Pinewood School is set in 84 acres of countryside on the edge of The Cotswolds. It is a co-educational independent school for children aged 3-13. This new building - the Hoyland - provides six new classrooms off a central 'learning street' circulation spine.

We devised the environmental and servicing approach for the building based around simple well understood passive principles. All classrooms are arranged to allow generous natural light arriving from at least two directions which then works in tandem with natural cross ventilation

A good practice building fabric performance achieves an overall average u-value of 0.2W/m 2k and an air permeability of 4m3/hr m2 at 50Pa test.

The classrooms are single storey and arranged around a central learning street. All classrooms are naturally ventilated with a combination of manual and automatic openings in the facade and through inividual opening rooflights.

Every classroom can be independently cross ventilated when in use. When unoccupied, they can be cross ventilated through into the learning street for passive nighttime cooling of the structure.

An opening rooflight within each classrooms improves daylight uniformity and allows background ventilation in cold weather to comply with the cold draught and fresh air requirements of the DfES Building Bulletin 101.

Every classroom incorporates air quality feedback sensors and wall switches to allow the teacher to control the ventilation in relation to air quality. All sockets and switchplates were developed to maintain a consistent visual aesthetic.

A central street uses clerestory windows for natural light and natural ventilation.

  • First fix electrical installations