Morpeth Road

Hackney, London, 2015
Architect: Urban Salon
12 new houses
Housing, New Build, Code 4

Morpeth Road is a residential street in the Hackney Conservation Area bordering Victoria Park. We are working with Peabody to make a new terrace of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom detached houses.
Secure Ventilation Opening
Openable window above stair

The thin strip of land with garages on Morpeth Road is being redeveloped by Peabody as a modern re-interpretation of the villas typical of the local area. In collaboration with the design team we have developed an approach that prioritises investment in the building fabric over technical systems to save energy. The inbuilt levels of insulation and reduced thermal bridging are comparable to those of a Passivhaus.

Visualisations show the new terrace


  • Visualisations show the new terrace

  • Street-view

The Morpeth Road site was chosen by Peabody to run its ideas competition for the Small Practices Architects Framework and this project is the Architect's winning entry.